Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mist Club Cares!

H1N1 is officially declared as a pandemic (an infectious disease that spreads around the world) by World Health Organization (WHO) and we all know it's not something to be taken lightly.
To date, there are already 244 reported cases in Malaysia!

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from H1N1, as advised by WHO:

* avoid touching your mouth and nose

* clean hands thoroughly with soap and water, or cleanse them with an alcohol-based hand rub on a regular basis (especially if touching the mouth and nose, or surfaces that are potentially contaminated)

* avoid close contact with people who might be ill

* improve airflow in your living space by opening windows

* practice good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active

And most importantly...

Party in a club that doesn't compromise your safety and security, teehee! ;)

Our security guard checking my temperature before I enter the club.

Every single clubber is required to go by this health check before partying.

Heh, 36.1. I'm good to go! :)

Oh and in case you're wondering, Pink Martinee was awesome tonight! Psst, look out, next week's gonna be even more happening. Why, you ask? Hee, I think I'll leave you in suspense for now. Will fill you in soon so watch this space! ;)

Anyways, the point is: Take care of your health, people! :)

This public service message is brought to you by Mist Club!

Credit: WHO. Click here for more H1N1 information.

With love,

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