Monday, February 2, 2009

Introducing The Team Behind Mist Club

Jet Law - The Supremacy of this industry.
You party animals might not know him but he is widely recognized in the night-life industry. With talents of able to gauge the right marketing strategy, the music trend as well as art-direction in all Mist Club’s marketing collateral, he is one complete or rather an all-rounder player in this field.

Ken Joe - A Pretty Boy who is your Ultimate Metrosexual
He wears XS T-Shirts, he’s VAIN and he does facial treatment regularly! Hey, he’s definitely fun and friendly. So long as you don’t mess with his hair, that is! Don’t be fooled by his petite frame, he’s a total glutton; his favorite past-times include devouring an entire mountain of nasi kandar! Oh yeah, he is straight if you peeps were wondering.

Logan "I have a fan club" Raj
He is the self-proclaimed celebrity of Mist Club! *rolls eyes* :P
But to his credit, he is indeed pretty much the heartthrob that has all the girls swooning over him.
Heh, sorry girls, he’s definitely taken!