Wednesday, August 12, 2009

get yourself some fabulous Pink Martinee!

If you haven't get a taste of Pink Martinee (uh huh, I mean both the party and the free martinis we dish out for the ladies every Wednesday night at Mist Club), you seriously need to get a glimpse of what you're missing out!

I dare say, Pink Martinee is the sexiest, most happening ladies night in town.

Our big bang launch last July 15th proved so.
The glorious, hyper crowds proved so (oh yesh, all you party animals who came - all 952 of you - completely brought the house down. we like that. *winks*).
The packed-all-night-long dance floor and stage proved so.

Check it out:

The night started with a massive opening performance by local rapper Caprice and co.

Caprice's dancers took the stage and entertained the crowds with their moves and grooves while the crowds anticipated the appearance of the big star himself.

The crowds went into a bigger frenzy as soon as Caprice came into the limelight.

Right after 2 tracks by Caprice - as if the temperature wasn't high enough already, ahem - the dashing, ever charming Joey G went up and took over.

I know, right. Gurls, just look at that smile!
Sigh, I could stare at him for hours. :P

Some ladies were even lucky enough to get up on stage, for some games with Mr. Sexy Grin!

These ladies not only had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Joey G, they also were in the running of winning bottles of X-Rated Vodka!

Joey G made these hot babes show off their hottest dance moves, catwalk with their sexiest pose, hunt for items and impress the audience socks off because ultimately, the crowds decided the winners by applauding and cheering for their fav!

Boy, these sexay ladies sure strutted their stuff!

And they were certainly rewarded for that. :)

The show proceeded with a fashion show showcasing stunning dresses and designs by a budding fashion designer, Jantra.

Right after that, more games, more Mr. Sexy Grin, more ladies strutting their stuff, more partying while DJ K.C and Chalie D spin RnB tunes with a touch of sexy House getting the crowds geared up for more!

Caprice took the stage once again, by 11.45pm, for an ass-kickin', hawt closing performance.

He invited some of the hot ladies in the crowd to join him up onstage.

These ladies sure were as good as Caprice's professional dancers; they rocked the stage! ;)

At 12am, Joey G announced the grand launch of Pink Martinee, the Sexiest Ladies Night in Town and that cued the confetti and celebrations! :D

We're extremely appreciative, as always, of those of you who made it to celebrate and party with us! :)

DJ Chalie D, doing his thang. Heh.

The partying continued after that, right up to 3am in the morning.
Check out the amazing crowd, who sure partied hard!

This is how we do it in Mist Club and Pink Martinee! ;)

Now, here are the mandatory pictures of the beautiful people in the club. See if you spot yourself. ;)

DJ Chalie D with companion

Mr Sexy Grin (heh) with friend


For more pictures, click here.

Pink Martinee happens every Wednesday night, 9pm onwards.
Free entry all night long and free flow of Pink Martinis and House Pourings till midnight for ladies. It is a Ladies Night, after all. ;)

For all you boys, psst, password for free entry is 'Mist Love'.

Buy 1 Free 1 promo for beer and house pourings all night long!

See? Pink Martinee is indeed the sexiest, most happening Ladies Night in town.

Still don't believe me?

Well, just drop by next Wednesday night and find out for yourself. ;)


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