Monday, August 17, 2009

ALL SET FOR A DREAM - The Launch of Prema Yin's debut album, 'Eyo Eyo' at Mist Club!

Songstress lifelong wish comes true with debut launch of EP album

She had a dream and now she's on the verge of living it. Malaysia's latest rock star, Prema Yin, will be launching her debut EP album -- titled Eyo Eyo -- this Wednesday (Aug 19, 2009) at Mist Club in Bangsar.

No longer a stranger to the local music scene since winning the national level singing competition, Who Will Win Malaysian Topstar, in 2004, Prema has worked hard and is now relishing the thought of reaping her just rewards.

The EP will feature Eyo Eyo as the single and four other bonus tracks --- Bleed, Higher Love, There Are The Days and Ain't Got Tears (featuring Pop Shuvit's Moots). Ever the music afficionado, Prema proves she's an all-round talent as the album will not only be a showcase for her hard-hitting vocals but she also composed all the tracks and was the lyrics architect for all the English songs.

"I’ve always wanted to record my music but I never took the initiative to actually do it simply because I was still caught up in the creative process," said Prema.

“My boyfriend, who is also my drummer, insisted that I meet Greg Henderson to produce my tracks. We clicked instantly. He taught me a lot of things along the way and pushed me to bring out my best during every recording session. Greg did an awesome job!”

Likening her songs to pages in her diary, Prema believes every music has its own identity and significant in its own way. And she intends to make herself heard, literally, with her songs which most people will be able to relate to.

"Songs that I write are very personal. Songwriting to me is very healing. People who have met me will realize that I'm a pretty reserved person, so it is a great outlet."

"However, some time I write songs not purely based on my own emotions, but what others are going through. Like just recently, I wrote a song about the troubles in our world -- poverty, abuse etc. So yeah, songs are a great way to connect with others."

This petite lass has big ambitions, and a even bigger and impressive vocal range. With mike in hand and band right behind, that's enough to set the tone as her own impersonation of Beyonce's on-stage character, 'Shasha Fierce' comes roaring out. Basically, when the spotlight is on her, this VIMA Awards second runner-up for Best Rock Vocalist never fails to rouse the crowd with her energetic spunk and vigorous showmanship.

Some say it's due to split personality. Perhaps, but for Prema, her stage antics boils down to her sheer lust for music which ignites every emotion in her.

"The thing is I love music in general. Being in many different bands with different types of sound, helped me appreciate the uniqueness of every genre."

"I always had a soft spot for blues, rock, funk, soul. And having been inspired by many great musicians like Aerosmith, Erykah Badu, Sarah Mclachlan has helped develop my own thing. So this album is not really a rock album. The songs consist the essence of all types of genres. That is what makes it more special." she said.

Fans are surely in for a treat during the EP launch as Prema will be performing Eyo Eyo for the first time. She will also be performing several other album tracks as well as some cover songs. Also for the first time, her first Eyo Eyo music video will be premiered on a night of entertainment. And fear not, the EP will be retailed on the night itself at RM19.90.

The Eyo Eyo EP launch, which is sponsored by QuestNet, V and Mist Club, will start rolling at 7pm onwards. To RSVP, please e-mail

- Jonathan Fernandez of Malay Mail

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