Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MIST CLUB proudly presents DJ CRAZE & DJ KLEVER

MIST CLUB proudly presents
DMC Champions, Prominent American Turntablists, Best of Friends and Rivals:
Synergized and Rockin’ Hot!
26th June 2009, Friday

The Fantastic Twosome

On one hand, you have Miami’s finest in the form of DJ Craze, the 3 times World DMC champion who was
Kanye West’s DJ
for the
Glow in the Dark Tour, 2008.
He whizzes up dance floor beats with ridiculously dexterous scratching, with a mix of straight up rap, ghetto-tech, hip hop, raw booty house and old-school electro.

On the other hand, you have Atlanta’s pride known as DJ Klever, the energetic 2 times
USA DMC champion
who is famed for his crowd-roaring routines and signature sets.
He mesmerizes in every direction, from his finesse roots of crunk, booty, and hip hop to the sweaty sounds of electro, dance-rock, b-more, new-wave and hard rock.

Both DJs are major heavy weights in the world of turntablism. Both are extremely talented, successful and sought-after.
Put together this best of friends and rivals, and it’s affirmative that you’re in for something magnificent!


26th June 2009;
It’s Synergism at Its Best, it’s First-Class Turntablism, it’s a Partay like never before And it’s all brought to you by Mist Club!
Better get geared up to be dazzled, party people!


Get pre-sale ticket @ RM25 + 1 Drink
Door ticket @ RM35 + 1 Drink

Contact us at 012-309 7811 for any inquiries.

Event is brought to you by:

- Joe

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