Monday, June 29, 2009

Mist Club Celebrates 50 Years of MJ!

Growing up, my first memory of Michael Jackson wasn't exactly a very sweet one.

I remember being very, VERY terrified of MJ's music video, "Thriller". :P Haha.

My parents are huge fans of MJ. Mummy played Michael Jackson on the radio very frequently (it was the era of cassette player back then) and Daddy embarrasses me by imitating the moonwalk dance all the time.

Because of them, I've gotten very fond of Michael Jackson over the years. And "Thriller" happens to be my favourite MJ music video, today. Other songs of my absolute favorite includes "Man In The Mirror", "You Are Not Alone", "Black Or White", "Heal The World" "Scream", "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and... oh, who am I kidding? It's quite impossible to list it down here; the list goes on and on!

MJ, age 11, part of Jackson 5. Who can forget the beautiful "I'll be there" by the talented bunch?

The thing about Michael Jackson is, he's such an influential artist and a dominant figure. He has made an incredible impact, altering the music industry we see today. He may not be perfect and his life certainly wasn't a bed of roses. He had been the center of media attention and even ridicule - from his high-profile courtroom dramas to his physical appearance and to his love life.
However, he's still one of the most inspiring and successful artists ever - just ask any musicians!

It's extremely saddening to see the King of Pop passed away at a mere age of 50. He was in the midst of planning a comeback before his death, and it's a pity we never get to see that.

However, (and as cliched as this sounds) he has touched many lives with his music. Because of that, we all know that his legacy will live on forever, in spite of everything.

Let us all remember him not for any of his shortcomings, but for all his contributions, achievements, legacy and most importantly, his music!

Mist Club pays a tribute to the legendary King of Pop next Saturday, 4th July 2009.

If you're a fan of Michael Jackson, as much as I am, hop on over and join us. Relive the MJ days as our Mistiqal DJs spin nostalgic beats that you know you love!

I shall end this post, leaving you with one of my all-time favorite live performances by MJ, Man In The Mirror.

Sheesh, I love this song!

A moment of silence for the amazing Michael Jackson.
Thank you for the music and may you rest in peace.

With love,

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