Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flee Night with Jakeman and Dhan!

I don't know bout you but I, for one, am damn bloody grateful to whoever who declared The Labour Day as a public holiday!

If there's anything worth celebrating this week, this is it!

And if there's anywhere worth celebrating at, I'd say it's none other than Mist Club!

Why, we got you the brilliant Jakeman and Dhan who will be spinning fantastic mashed-up beats of Hip Hop, RnB and Retro!

The party's on 30th April 2009 (Yup, this Thursday!), 9pm onwards.

(You may call Adrian @ 012 - 3097811 to bug him for reservations and bookings! :P)

Oh and here's the plan.
I'm gonna get all partied out that night. And I want you (ALL of YOU!) party animals, to come and join me!
So yes, leave a comment here declaring your love for me and I shall give you free passes, muahahahaha!

Nah, kidding. Heh.

Seriously though, I do have free passes to give out.
All you have to do is leave me a comment here. With your full name and email address or blog URL. It's that simple.
I only have a few passes to give out so, first come first serve. ;)

Hah, now don't say I never give y'all anything. :P



  1. Ariff Razin Mohsin (ariffrazin91@hotmail.com)

    Now may i have the free passes? (:

    Oh yea,PLEASE may i have the free passes?


  2. Devarajah Selvarajah

    pass me the passes pleeese!


  3. so does the free passes have any added value or just and free enterance pass.

    name:pream anand aka dj joe black
    email:preamanand@hotmail.com or pream23@yahoo.com

  4. Hey, i would like to have free passes!

    Name: Rufinus Jassrell Mathews
    e-mail: rufinusmathews@gmail.com


  5. Hie all, we're giving out 4 passes to each of you. So you may bring 3 of your happening friends! ;)

    Just mention your names at the door on that night. :)

    To everyone else, there's still time to leave a comment!

  6. Adrian Cheng

    can i have the free passes pleaseeee??


  7. yo..
    Hyrazee Hapdilah

    may i have the free passes..pls3..

  8. i also want those free passes,or is it a passed,2hrs before showtime.