Thursday, October 15, 2009

Masquerade Party presented by Pink Martinee

Think carnival mingling, mysterious festivity, rhythmic celebration! Think vibrancy, loads of colors, lively fun and of course, with some dashes of sexy romance element thrown in too!

It's the perfect chance to ask that someone you've been eyeing out. Call it a friendly date. Anything at all. It's a convenient excuse. Even girls find it easier to ask someone to such event than to go out on a real date, no?

So dress to impress, bring those fancy masquerade and come on down to Mist Club as
Pink Martinee presents The Masquerade Party, Wednesday, 21st October!

FREE ENTRY & a complimentary mask! (And FREE-FLOW of drinks until midnight!)

RM35 + one drink + a complimentary mask
RM10 with the password & a complimentary mask before midnight! (click on the event poster above to find out what the password is)


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