Sunday, March 22, 2009

Contest Winners!

Awhile ago, we run the blogging and Facebook contests for you guys to win exclusive passes to our official grand launch party.
50 winners will walk away with a pair of invites to party with us and guess what?
We have the list of winners right here! XD

Blogging Contest Winners

1. CoolerFuzz (
2. Daniel (
3. Jun-Jun Riko (
4. Simon Seow (
5. Marcia (
6. Adam Tui (
7. Loke Yea (
8. Wai Kit (
9. Bavarian (
10. Ecstasy Cars (

Please send us your details (name, I.C, hp number) to asap, to find out how to collect your tix!

The rest are of Facebook entries, so check your inbox to see if you have won invites! XD

See you guys at the party this coming Thursday!

(P/s: There are some of you who didn't leave a link to your blog or who have made your blog private, rendering us unable to judge your entries. We're feeling nice today, haha, so do leave a comment here with the proper link and we'll see what we can do in order to get you into the party! Psst, don't tell anyone! :P)

Chingy for Mist-Club

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